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Let Our Implementation & Delivery Consultants Guide You To Production

Artificial Intelligence projects are culturally different than many initiatives financial institutions undertake.'s delivery consultants run a quick, but responsible process for getting your product into production efficiently and effectively.

How we work with you

Philosophies of successful client engagements

Most financial institutions have never deployed artificial intelligence software.'s team of delivery consultants utilize these philosophies to partner with you -- all the way to production.


From deadlines to deployment scope, transparency is key.

Quick, But Responsible

Move quickly, but refuse to cut corners.

Data As A Strategy

New data assets you need to know how to leverage.

ML & AI Resources

Leave the recruitment of NLP & Dialogue experts to us.

Our Deployment Approach

The four phases of a successful client deployment

Delivering innovation through artifical intelligence in banking can seem daunting. Breaking projects out into manageable phases allows your financial institution to have clear ownership of deliverables and timelines in a way that feels familiar.

1 - Project Planning & Discovery

Implementations start with discovery of key success elements needed to ensure integration, authentication, delivery, go-live, and post-launch are successful.

  • Requirements gathering
  • Stakeholder identification
  • Scope alignment
  • Meeting & schedule planning
  • Change management planning

2 - Technical Integration

Working backward from the starting channel integrations,'s technical teams will assess the digital banking API layers to prioritize features, schedule work, and train financial institution team members for the QA processes.

  • Agent setup & configurations
  • Custom intent setup
  • Channel setup & deployment
  • Cross-train conflict detection
  • Success portal delivery
  • Automated testing & QA

3 - Marketing & Awareness

The implementation process doesn't end with technology. The Marketing team ensures your valued customers have incredible guides, awareness campaigns, emails, videos and other assets to better educate them on your Conversational AI product.

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  • Requirements gathering
  • Stakeholder identification
  • Scope alignment
  • Meeting & schedule planning
  • Change management planning

4 - Change Management

Going beyond technology and investing in change management ensures processes in place can be altered to ensure your staff and operating model adapts to take advantage of AI.

  • Provide training collateral
  • Training guides
  • Videos
  • FAQ’s
  • Client support
  • Data Curation Services
  • Reporting & user engagement

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