How Natural Language Understanding Drives the Virtual Financial Assistant’s finance-specific  Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) leverages the power of Conversational AI to provide financial institutions of every size–from small credit unions to the largest banks–a powerful solution to elevate the digital banking experience. This allows a consumer to complete banking tasks and receive valuable insights from their financial institution through natural dialogue or conversations via the channels they prefer.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how’s proprietary platform, Conversate, utilizes Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to create, maintain and train our always-learning VFA to create a truly intuitive solution that provides operational efficiencies for financial institutions while simplifying consumers’ financial journeys.

Download this exclusive report for a comprehensive examination of:

  • Historical and modern approaches to language understanding
  • How’s VFA is trained and learns
  • How the VFA understands customer requests
  • The future of NLU technology