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Linc is a digital money management platform that puts your bank's services on the world's fastest growing messaging apps.

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Give a financial assistant to all your customers.

Linc engages your customers on their favorite messaging platforms so they can get fast answers about their finances anytime, anywhere.

Linc helps customers track income and spending, manage debt, and save money. Linc automatically creates a budget tailored to each customer's unique lifestyle and helps them stick to it.

1. Connect Financial Accounts

Users visit your beautifully branded web app where they go through our step-by-step account onboarding process.

2. Our Algorithms Go To Work

The account data goes directly through our statistical models creating custom budgets, forecasts, and habitual spending activity.

3. Engage Through Conversation

Linc immediately reaches out to your customer on their preferred messaging app, giving timely finance digests and answering questions 24/7.

Grow financially healthy customers.

Linc removes the stress of financial planning by giving customers instant, helpful money management advice through conversation. By providing this service, your institution can earn the trust and loyalty of tech-savvy consumers.

40% of Americans don’t have $2,000 saved for an emergency. When you switch to Millennials, that’s 60%.

- Bill Rogers, SunTrust CEO

Technology matters.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers see innovation coming from outside the financial services industry. As these consumers develop higher standards for customer service and convenient, friction-free digital experiences, banks must evolve in order to remain competitive and profitable.

Top banks are winning the race to artificial intelligence.

The world's leading banks are building brand engagement with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

With Linc, your instituion can offer the same digital experiences as the mega banks. Don't let your bank fall behind the technology adoption curve.

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Banks Using Banking Chatbots

A fully managed white-label chatbot solution.

Linc is a customizable AI platform designed for small banks. Our solution includes a mobile app and text- and voice-enabled chatbot that gives your customers friction-free access to their personal finances.

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White-label Banking Chatbot

Features for your customers.

Attract tech-savvy market share with tools that help your customers get where they need to be financially.

Account Aggregation

Let your customers view their entire financial life in one place. With over 15,000 institutions supported, they'll always have instant access to all of their accoutns.

Hands-Off Money Management

Take the guesswork out of your customer's finances. With intelligent algorithms and custom-tailored budgeting, Linc handles all of your customers' money management for them.

Message & Voice Interaction

Put a virtual financial assistant in your customer's contact list. When they have a question, Linc is there to help on Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Google Home.

Digestible Insights

Deliver timely and relevant insights about your customer's finances to help them stay on track with their goals.

Benefits for your bank.

Take advantage of the latest technology and digital channels to redefine the way you talk with your customers.

Increased Digital Engagement

Drive engagement across new voice and message platforms. Give your customers the ability to interface with your bank when and where they want.

Customer Data Insights

Find out where and how your customers prefer to bank and use these insights to better serve their needs.

Cloud-Based Integration

No on-site upgrades, consultants, or expensive maintenance packages. Just rapid product innovation delivered directly to your customers.

Data Security & Privacy

We adhere to the strictest data privacy and security standards. We use 256-bit encryption and comply with financial service industry security protocols (PCI DSS, SOC1/2/3, FIPS).