Virtual Financial Assistant

Financial institutions can get to market quickly with a feature rich − pre-trained − Virtual Financial Assistant.

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Engage Your Customer In Their Most Convenient Channel

One AI-powered decision layer connected to all digital channels's Conversational AI Platform integrates into leading message and voice-powered IoT platforms. With one intelligence layer handling language understanding and formulating responses, adding future channels isn't an additional project. Additionally, all new training data and use cases are immediately available on all channels.


World's Most Comprehensive Retail Banking AI

Use Cases of the Virtual Financial Assistant

The VFA has a hierarchical feature structure containing thousands of digital banking use cases ranging from money movement to advanced service requests.

  • Account Balance (by type)
  • Account Details (by type)
  • Account Interest Rate (by type)
  • Account Last Payment (by type)
  • Account Next Payment (by type)
  • Account Spending Power (by type)
  • Accounts: General
  • Billpay Lookup
  • Campaigns
  • Credit Score
  • General Conversation
  • Glossary
  • Human Handoff
  • Knowledgebase
  • Loan
  • Location
  • Money Movement (Bill Pay)
  • Money Order
  • Onboarding
  • Operational
  • PFM: Budget
  • PFM: Earnings
  • PFM: Goals
  • PFM: Income
  • PFM: Spending
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Sign In / Sign Out
  • Transactions
  • Transfer Lookup
  • Voice Passcode
  • Money Movement (P2P)
  • Utility

Learn the benefits of having a pre-built Virtual Financial Assistant's Virtual Financial Assistant comes out of the box with the most frequently utilized features pre-integrated into leading digital banking provider APIs.

Increased User Experience

Supercharge the digital banking experience for all of your customers's Virtual Banking Assistant includes leading pre-built use-cases including digital banking, advanced money movement, bill pay, and insight driven alerting to drive a simple banking experience.

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Fast To Market

Get to market in a matter of weeks, not months with minimal resources required from your technology staff.

Advanced Capabilities's years of development and partnerships result in the availability of advanced features on day one.
Increased Competetive Edge

Stand out from competetive financial institutions with simple experiences that support financial health

Use new onboarding channels to acquire customers. Retain them with a fully integrated Virtual Financial Assistant that is always there to help.

  • Acquire new customers in conversational channels
  • Retain customers with digital experiences focused on financial health
  • Give customers more self-service options
  • Out-of-the-box engagement across all business units
Increase Revenue Generation

Increase profitability across your customer base with better data and simple interactions

Utilize financial data and personalized insights to drive new account onboarding and product expansion. Combine enriched data with the ability to act quickly giving your customers improved decision making.

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New Accounts

The right account, at the right time, in the right channel - acquire customers wherever they are.

Share of Wallet

Become the primary institution of your customer through financial data insights and simple user experiences.
Decreased Operational Cost

Reduce costs while increasing operational efficiency with seamless integrations into CRMs and Call Centers

Increase your containment rate all while building an ever growing asset that effectively services your customers. When things go off the rails, seamlessly handoff pre-authenticated users to a human agent for simple service transition.

  • Pre-authenticated handoff to humans
  • Continuous improvement to AI model
  • Fully integrated into leading CRM & Contact Center

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“We partnered with because of their unique focus on financial health. Voice and Chat interactions have the ease of simply asking questions about your finances.”

John Schulte

CIO, Mercantile Bank of Michigan

“With's omnichannel approach to Conversational Banking, our members can easily engage with Connexus across any channel while having the same experience.”

Paul Kurth

Digital Branch Manager, Connexus CU

Security & Data Privacy

Built by security experts. Trusted by the largest banks in the world

New channels require a heightened focus on security. is defining best practices from biometric voice to use-case driven step up security measures.

Digital Banking Authentication

Using OAuth2, the Virtual Financial Assistant leverages tokens from authenticating into current online & mobile infrastructure.

Data Security & Privacy

Encryption at rest and in transit ensures data remains private and secure as it passes through the digital banking API infrastructure.

Channel Best Practices uses best practices ranging from advanced PII recognition, text obfuscation in voice platforms, voice-biometrics, and dozens of other tactics for security.

Secure Infrastructure maintains a cloud based infrastructure with best-in-class practices across application security, network security, information security, and redundancy.

Integration & Authentication is pre-integrated into leading digital banking providers

After years of navigating financial institution APIs, has developed integrations and partnerships with leading digital banking providers that allow for seamless implementations.

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