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AI-Powered Financial Assistant Abe Launches SMS Messaging Integration

Orlando, Florida—September 24, 2016 – Abe today announces the integration of its smart financial chatbot service with SMS messaging. Abe allows consumers to securely manage income, track expenses and budget for both short- and long-term savings goals within a convenient chat interface.

Support for SMS messaging seamlessly expands the reach and functionality of Abe’s service, which was previously available only through Slack. SMS messaging is one of several mobile messaging platforms that have recently overtaken social media services as the most popular channels of mobile engagement.¹ Now that Abe is available through SMS messaging, users can get instantaneous access to their financial information as easily as if they were texting a friend. Integration with Facebook Messenger is currently in development, and Abe’s services will eventually become available to the platform’s 1 billion monthly users.

As a smart financial chatbot, Abe uses a conversational AI engine to answer banking questions, predict future needs and guide users through the challenges of financial planning using familiar, conversational language. It can provide intelligent insights into recurrent expenses, bill payment and debt management and can build a personalized budget for you. It is available today at

About Abe

Abe is an Orlando-based AI software company working at the leading edge of digital consumer financial technology. Founded with the vision of enabling better communication between consumers and banks, Abe’s conversational chat platform offers financial institutions a fully customizable, all-in-one banking solution to engage and delight their customers. Emphasizing a great user experience, Abe is easy to deploy and maintain so banks can get to market within just days.

For more information, visit and follow @abethebot on Twitter.

¹ Business Insider Intelligence Report: “The Messaging App Report: How Instant Messaging Can Be Monetized,” September 2016