Congratulations are in order for our client (and friends) TTCU Federal Credit Union (TTCU) on the recent launch of their new Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA). Members of the Tulsa-based credit union can now leverage the power of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get answers to a wide variety of financial questions via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

With the new Voice Banking offering, TTCU’s members can use these popular voice devices to conduct a wide variety of financial tasks and transactions in natural conversation. This new capability is more convenient, can serve as a valuable tool to help members manage their finances and uses devices members already use and rely on. It empowers members to securely manage their finances when they want, how they want and where they want. Just a few of the questions that members can get quick answers to include:

  • What is my account balance?
  • Transfer money between my TTCU accounts
  • What is TTCU’s routing number?
  • List my most recent transactions
  • Which TTCU branch is closest to me?
  • What is my loan balance?

TTCU’s VFA leverages’s proprietary conversational technology that is powered by AI, machine learning and natural language processing. Our contextually aware VFAs are always learning thanks to a deep, experienced team of product specialists, engineers, machine learning experts, data scientists and more that are involved in training, enhancing and expanding our products to provide truly intuitive solutions. 

“It’s very gratifying to see such a well-respected financial institution utilizing our technology to simplify the financial journeys of its members,” states Rob Guilfoyle,’s CEO/Co-Founder. “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the TTCU team on this launch and look forward to continuing our relationship with them to further expand and elevate their conversational banking offerings.”

“TTCU is so pleased to offer the best of technology to our members with our new Voice Banking from,” says Barbara Russo, TTCU’s Vice President of Digital Strategy. “This product brings value, convenience and flexibility to our member’s digital experience.”

To learn more about TTCU’s new Voice Banking capability, please visit