This week, the Abe team headed to Austin, Texas for the first annual Talkabot conference. Organized by the developers of Howdy and Botkit, Talkabot is North America’s largest annual gathering of developers, entrepreneurs, and technologists building bots and other conversational software.

During the two-day event, speakers from all over the country discussed the latest trends and challenges in chatbot technology. Topics included chatbot personality, machine learning, conversational context, the user experience, and enterprise applications. Participants included representatives from major tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Slack, who offered their thoughts on the latest innovations in chatbot technology.

Our own Rob Guilfoyle presented a talk about Abe and the financial applications of chatbot technology. In his presentation, Rob discussed the need for personalized financial advice through popular messaging channels and how artificial intelligence can provide real-time, contextual advice to help build financial wellness. Rob demonstrated Abe’s account aggregation and budget-building tools and emphasized the bot’s ability to provide proactive spending advice through push notifications. He also debuted Abe’s newest feature: connection to live Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). Although Abe the bot can provide financial advice for most situations, when users have particularly complex or difficult circumstances, Abe can instantly connect them with a CFP for even more personalized advice.

Check out Rob’s full talk below:

Talkabot 2016 was a great experience for the Abe team. Not only did we get to present Abe’s newest features to the chatbot community, but we also got to connect with and learn from others working in the artificial intelligence technology space. We proudly sponsored the conference in the hope of supporting the community and making future Talkabot events possible.

We look forward to Talkabot 2017!

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