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The Faces of Abe – Thomas Marek

Our  “Faces of Abe” profile for September features the fearless leader of the Engineering team and someone who easily toggles back and forth between the serenity of playing piano and the rush of board sports.  Say “hi” to Thomas Marek, Senior Director of Engineering. Where do you call home?  Orlando, FL How long have […]


The Faces of Abe – Lucas Pasqualin

Our  “Faces of Abe” profile for August features a self-described nerd, combat sport aficionado, hopeful world traveler and someone capable of being productive in extremely small spaces. Say “hi” to Lucas Pasqualin, Senior Machine Learning Engineer. Where do you call home? San Francisco, California How long have you lived there? Where before? I took the […]


The Faces of Abe – Kristin Flentke

Salsa dancer, violin instructor, yoga enthusiast and….metrics/analytics/data guru? Our Faces of Abe feature for July is a person of many interests and talents with a knack for deftly switching between the left and right brain. Say “hello” to Kristin Flentke, Engagement Manager.  Where do you call home?  I live in the College Park area of […]


The Faces of Abe – Kody Peterson

This month’s “Faces of Abe” features someone who initially thought their career would take place on a stage, but then took a somewhat ironic path to technology. When not ensuring that our systems are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, this newlywed can be found taking on complex home projects and listening to a […]


The Faces of Abe – Jordan Manning

Our  “Faces of Abe” profile for May features  a self-described “number cruncher extraordinaire” who’s been with long enough to have experienced most, if not all of our growth (and office locations) over the past four years. When he’s not enjoying the outdoors, he’s working hard to make our conversational banking solutions smarter and more […]


The Faces of Abe – Patrick Ng

April’s  “Face of Abe” is a self-admitted sugary food addict and the owner of a future celebrity pet. When he’s not satisfying his massive sweet tooth (and working out to offset it) or snapping pics of his playful and photogenic pup Rex, this Abe’r plays a vital role in empowering our client’s conversational banking capabilities. […]