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Questions From Our Last Meeting – “How Does Your Machine Learning Model Leverage Missed Utterances to Improve Accuracy?”

In our latest installment of “Questions From Our Last Meeting,” we cover a common question that we receive from financial institutions who are already familiar with some of the building blocks of artificial intelligence (AI) – in this case, Machine Learning.   Setting the Scene Date: January 2022  Financial Institution (FI) Type: Credit Union  Size: $5-10 […]


Download Our Free eBook: How Natural Language Understanding Drives the Virtual Financial Assistant

Interested in learning more about one of the key driving forces of our Conversational Banking solutions? In this eBook, you’ll learn how’s proprietary platform, Conversate, utilizes Natural Language Understanding to create, maintain and train our always-learning Virtual Financial Assistant to create a truly intuitive solution that provides operational efficiencies for financial institutions while simplifying […]


Why Now is the Right Time to Deploy Conversational AI in Digital Banking

Even before the onset of the recent pandemic, the transition to Digital Banking was well underway and documented. For financial institutions, having effective web and mobile banking platforms were no longer a “nice to have,” but a necessity. The recent environment has only further heightened the importance of managing finances thanks to the volatility of […]


How It Works: Conversational A.I.

Welcome to our new series – “How It Works” – where we take a quick inside look at how some elements of our Conversational Banking solutions work. In the first installment, we examine how Conversational AI recognizes requests and continuously learns to better serve users. If you’re interested in learning more about how our Conversational […]


Five Things Financial Institutions Should Consider When Selecting a Conversational AI Provider

The ubiquity of conversational user interfaces including text-based messaging and voice-enabled devices is well documented at this point. The ability to use these conversational  channels for digital self-service is solidly moving from a delight to an expectation, across industries. As this once nice-to-have interface becomes a need-to-have, Conversational AI is not a question of IF […]


Abe AI Adds a Nation to its Roster

Ok, it’s really a play on his last name and has nothing to do with an actual country, but that doesn’t dampen our excitement for adding talented machine learning professional Michael Nation to the Abe AI team. Michael joins us as a Data Scientist and is applying his talents and expertise to support/enhance Abe AI’s […]