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Free White Paper: The Next Generation of Conversational Banking

The advancement in Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing every industry, including retail banking. This technology has the power to alter the relationship between financial institutions and their customers in ways that weren’t possible before. Thanks to these advancements in Conversational AI capabilities, financial institutions have the ability to interact with their customers through the […]


Juan’s Three Things on Fintech: Attack of the Webinars!

Webinars, webinars and more webinars. The struggle is real because without conferences, every service provider in fintech and digital banking seems to be holding webinars (yes, guilty here as well!). And let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of great topics to present/discuss right now including the impact of COVID-19 on financial services, personalization, open banking, […]


Juan’s Three Things – Spring Conference Season: Adjusting for the Pandemic

As’s Product Evangelist, a vital part of my role is attending conferences, speaking on panels/roundtable discussions, participating in webinars and staying on top of trends in the financial services industry in general. Just as we were all gearing up for the 2020 spring conference season in digital banking and fintech, the pandemic hit and […]


Questions From Our Last Meeting – Integration with Third Party Chat & Messaging Providers

In this installment of “Questions From Our Last Meeting,” we cover how we integrate with chat and messaging providers. These offerings, from companies like Salesforce, Glia and Liveperson, are the natural evolution of the contact center from primarily phone communication to digital conversations and are great channels for your customers to speak with your support […]


Five Things Financial Institutions Should Consider When Selecting a Conversational AI Provider

The ubiquity of conversational user interfaces including text-based messaging and voice-enabled devices is well documented at this point. The ability to use these conversational  channels for digital self-service is solidly moving from a delight to an expectation, across industries. As this once nice-to-have interface becomes a need-to-have, Conversational AI is not a question of IF […]


How Conversational AI Can Enhance the Way Financial Institutions Engage with Customers

If you happened to be seated at the table during the recent strategy sessions of almost any bank or credit union in the United States, you would have likely heard several similar topics: customer experience, innovation, retaining/growing customer base, fending off new challengers and financial wellness. The underlying theme in all of these is the […]