As a client-based company, the team spends a tremendous amount of time in meetings with current clients and prospects. In both scenarios, we are regularly asked questions or presented issues/opportunities related to conversational banking, artificial intelligence, digital banking integration and much more. 

In a new series, we’ll periodically share short recaps of some of these questions and how we answered or addressed them.

Setting the Scene:

Date: March 2020 

Financial Institution (FI) Type: Credit union (current client)

Size: $1-5 billion in assets

FI Questions/Issues:

  • Our contact center is being overwhelmed with calls related to COVID-19 and we need to relieve the pressure.  
  • Can new questions and responses be added into our Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) to help? If so, how quickly can we add the COVID-19 related content to the VFA and launch to users? Answers/Comments:

  • Yes, our Data Curation Service team (Data Scientists and Analysts focused on continuous learning for the AI-engine) can add new training data for the machine learning models to quickly train the VFA on new questions regarding how COVID-19 is impacting your business operations.
  • We can also connect your live chat center to hand off customers that need/want additional assistance during a VFA session.


In partnership with our client, our Data Curation team added and trained more than 40 questions, with 700 new ways to interact with the VFA, in less than 24 hours. As the client has refined some of their responses and resources specific to the virus situation, we’ve been able to modify their VFA’s response in real time. 

With our Fleet Learning approach to building AI products for financial institutions, the widely applicable questions are now being made available for all of our VFA customers.