In this installment of “Questions From Our Last Meeting,” we cover how we integrate with chat and messaging providers. These offerings, from companies like Salesforce, Glia and Liveperson, are the natural evolution of the contact center from primarily phone communication to digital conversations and are great channels for your customers to speak with your support agents directly.

Setting the Scene:

Date: June 2020 

Financial Institution (FI) Type: Community Bank 

Size: $10-20 billion in assets


“We use a third-party provider for our live-agent chat capabilities. Does the Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) integrate with these platforms and if so, can you explain how it works?” Response:

  • Yes, we provide a layer of artificial intelligence (AI), in the form of our VFA, that sits in front of human agents. 
  • While our AI layer “sits in front” of the live-agent chat and messaging capabilities, we plug into your existing providers of those services to provide the option for a seamless transition from the VFA to live agent. We are pre-integrated into several providers in the financial services industry. 
  • We facilitate this seamless handoff to a human at the first indication that a customer would prefer human-to-human interaction instead of working with a VFA.  
  • Live-agent chat providers often share deflection rates that can be difficult to calculate accurately. We have the benefit of customer banks who use our virtual assistant as the gateway for all customers before they can engage a human in conversation or chat, so we can examine the entire scale of digital traffic holistically. Data from our clients show that more than half of all requests are successfully resolved via the AI layer without the need for human involvement. Technology research leaders like Gartner, Forrester and Aite forecast this number to continue to grow as mobile and digital banking increasingly becomes the primary and preferred method for consumer and commercial banking. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can integrate a Virtual Financial Assistant with your live-chat platform, reach out to us here  or e-mail us at