In our latest installment of “Questions From Our Last Meeting,” we cover a common question that we receive from financial institutions who view personality as the keystone of their Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy.  

Setting the Scene

Date: May 2022  

Financial Institution (FI) Type: Community Bank 

Size: $900 million in assets 

Question: We want our Virtual Financial Assistant to interact and speak with our customers in the same way a branch member does. Is there a way to make the assistant sound personable and take on our brand’s personality? How can we customize the way the VFA speaks to fit our institution’s brand and the way we engage with our customers? 

Our Response

  • Responses are totally customizable and read exactly the way you want them to. The Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) takes on your brand’s personality at launch and is trained to speak with your clients the way your branch and relationship staff do in person or over the phone.  
  • With our managed product solution, the Virtual Financial Assistant, your institution will complete a configuration workbook during implementation that does not require any technical know-how. In this model, you have the ability to train the AI’s brain without any technical lift by providing the verbiage for responses that your clients will get when they ask specific questions or “intents.” 
  • We also understand that your policies, procedures and communications can change, so we have an efficient process for updating VFA responses whenever necessary. For example, if your institution takes a new approach for handling overdraft fees, for the question “I was charged an overdraft fee,” that response can be updated by sending us a simple ticket request.  
  • In our Platform Solution, which larger institution clients often chose, your developers have the flexibility to update responses and verbiage on their own.  

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us here  for more information or to request a no-obligation demo of our multi-tier Virtual Financial Assistant.