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Lessons from AI Industry Experts: RE•WORK Virtual Assistant Summit 2017

Last week, I headed to the east coast to represent Abe at the second annual RE•WORK Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco. The summit focused on deep learning algorithms, methods, and trends from some of the world’s leading technology innovators. Over 40 speakers took the stage to share their thoughts and expertise on the artificial intelligence … Continue reading “Lessons from AI Industry Experts: RE•WORK Virtual Assistant Summit 2017”

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Meet Abe at the ABA National Conference for Community Bankers

Here at Abe, we’re advocates for financial technology innovation that benefits community banks and their customers. That’s why we built Abe, an AI-powered banking chatbot that leverages the power of machine learning and natural language processing to communicate with users in normal, conversational language. Users securely connect their financial accounts, and Abe automatically creates a … Continue reading “Meet Abe at the ABA National Conference for Community Bankers”

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How Secure Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are the hottest new digital technology, and it’s not hard to see why. By providing a user-friendly conversational experience across multiple messaging channels, chatbots open up opportunities for brands to engage more directly and frequently with their customers in ways that feel more genuine and personal. As a result, chatbots are poised to disrupt … Continue reading “How Secure Are Chatbots?”

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Top 5 Predictions for Fintech in 2017

2016 was a big year for fintech. Global funding for fintech firms increased over the last year, and traditional banking institutions experienced disruption as fintechs developed new banking technologies and business models that are driving industry-wide change. It’s an exciting time, and the implications for the future of financial services are promising. In this rapidly … Continue reading “Top 5 Predictions for Fintech in 2017”

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Announcing Sidekick, Abe’s New Account Sharing Feature

No man is an island, and neither are your finances. Here at Abe, we understand that money management can be difficult, especially when your finances are shared with a partner, spouse, or parent. So we asked ourselves, how can we bring Abe’s smart financial advice to people with shared finances? Today, we’re excited to announce … Continue reading “Announcing Sidekick, Abe’s New Account Sharing Feature”

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Is Bank of America’s Chatbot Erica Actually Useful?

Last month, Bank of America unveiled their new AI-powered chatbot Erica at Money20/20. The chatbot, which will be available starting next year, is being touted as an intelligent virtual financial assistant that can help Bank of America customers make smarter financial decisions. Like other financial chatbots, Erica provides answers about a user’s finances in normal … Continue reading “Is Bank of America’s Chatbot Erica Actually Useful?”

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What Is Conversational Banking?

The digital banking revolution has made accessing our financial information easier than ever. Online and mobile banking platforms have mostly eliminated the need to visit brick-and-mortar branches by providing convenient access to our financial information through websites and apps. Tasks like making deposits, checking account balances, and paying bills can all be done on the … Continue reading “What Is Conversational Banking?”

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What Banks Need to Know About Financial Chatbots

Banking is one of the industries most at risk of major disruption in the next three years. At the heart of this disruption are innovative financial technologies, which are rapidly transforming digital banking. As tech-savvy consumers—especially Millennials—develop higher standards for customer service and convenient, friction-free digital experiences, banks must evolve in order to remain competitive … Continue reading “What Banks Need to Know About Financial Chatbots”

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5 Reasons Your Bank Needs a Bot [Webinar]

The digitalization of the banking industry is rapidly transforming the way banks do business with their customers. To remain competitive in this innovative climate, banks must keep up with the latest in digital banking technologies. Artificially intelligent financial chatbots are the most recent innovation in digital banking products. Leveraging the power of natural language processing, … Continue reading “5 Reasons Your Bank Needs a Bot [Webinar]”

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How Conversational Banking Will Impact Credit Unions

Here at Abe, we’re excited about the future of consumer financial services. As digital technologies continue to evolve, we’re especially interested in the impact conversational banking interfaces will have on community banks and credit unions. This month, our own Keith Armstrong (co-founder and COO of Abe) was a featured guest on CUbroadcast, a popular online … Continue reading “How Conversational Banking Will Impact Credit Unions”

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