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Introducing the 2017 Fintech Madness Tournament

It’s March, and we all know what that means… March Madness! But we don’t mean basketball. It’s time for the 2017 Fintech Madness Tournament, a friendly competition to determine this year’s most innovative Fintech trend. The tournament bracket is comprised of 16 of the latest innovative industry developments, which will be pitted against each other … Continue reading “Introducing the 2017 Fintech Madness Tournament”

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10 Surprising Uses of Artificial Intelligence

There’s been a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) lately. It seems like every day, there’s another news story about the incredible uses of artificial intelligence and chatbots. You’ve probably heard about banking, travel, and e-commerce bots. But did you know that AI is also helping solve some of the world’s toughest problems? Enterprising … Continue reading “10 Surprising Uses of Artificial Intelligence”

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5 Steps To Prepare Your Bank For AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but it’s becoming a reality faster than you might think. Owing to recent advancements in big data, computational hardware, and machine learning, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly powerful and useful by the day. And the technology isn’t going away anytime soon. Andrew … Continue reading “5 Steps To Prepare Your Bank For AI”

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How 10 Big Banks Are Using Chatbots to Boost Their Business

Chatbots are exploding in the finance industry, and it’s no surprise why. With the ability to automate operations, reach more customers, and provide a more friction-free banking experience, chatbots are streamlining and optimizing many banks’ digital services. Here’s how the world’s biggest banks are using chatbots to boost their business. 1. Bank of America As one … Continue reading “How 10 Big Banks Are Using Chatbots to Boost Their Business”

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Why Chatbots Will Replace IVR in Banking

Everyone knows the frustration of talking to banking customer service on the phone. You call in with a straightforward question and get the dreaded interactive voice response (IVR) recording. Before you know it, you’re listening to a robotic voice ask how it can direct your call and having to give short, over-enunciated responses trying to … Continue reading “Why Chatbots Will Replace IVR in Banking”

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Top 3 Challenges for Community Banks: Lessons from ABA NCCB 2017

Last week, the Abe team participated in the annual American Bankers Association’s National Conference for Community Bankers (ABA NCCB). The event focused on community banking trends and insights from the leading industry experts. More than 25 speakers took the stage to discuss how to meet the key challenges of innovation, cybersecurity, and attracting new customers. … Continue reading “Top 3 Challenges for Community Banks: Lessons from ABA NCCB 2017”

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The Ultimate Guide to 2017 Fintech Conferences

In 2017, the industry’s leading Fintech conferences will focus on partnerships between Fintech startups and traditional financial institutions, compliance with regulatory changes, improving the customer experience, appealing to younger generations, and digital innovation. January Strategic Venturing & Partnership Between Fintech & Financial Institutions January 25-26, 2017 | New York, NY Industry leaders come together to … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to 2017 Fintech Conferences”

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Conversational Banking Will Transform the Financial Services Industry

The arrival of the digital age has disrupted the retail banking industry and altered the relationship between banks and their customers. Where banking once meant interacting with customers in brick-and-mortar branches, new digital banking channels like websites and mobile apps have opened up an entirely new way to reach customers and do business. Online and … Continue reading “Conversational Banking Will Transform the Financial Services Industry”

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How Banks Can Overcome the Challenge of Innovation

The banking industry is evolving, and financial institutions are under pressure to adapt to remain competitive. Innovation has perhaps never been so important as it is now. But for many banks, the challenge of innovating within the constraints of existing legacy infrastructures makes innovation difficult. So how can these banks innovate to stay in the … Continue reading “How Banks Can Overcome the Challenge of Innovation”

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