We’re excited to announce that we are now offering our Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) in four tiers, offering a wide range of capabilities ranging from managing common, unauthenticated service requests to securely performing banking transactions and proactively suggesting opportunities for financial wellness based on personal financial habits.   

Visitors to Abe.ai can now experience several of the capabilities offered via the tiers for themselves, on their own time, thanks to a new interactive simulator featuring examples of unauthenticated use cases such as answering frequently asked questions and proactively presenting products and services based on users’ web actions. In addition, visitors can explore our VFA’s authenticated use case capabilities including (but not limited to) money movement between accounts, bill pay, proactive insights supporting financial wellness and more.   

Our VFA is a managed solution that can interact with a financial institution’s customers in a natural and conversational way in the channels consumers prefer – web site, online banking or mobile app.   Thanks to our VFA’s multi-tier functionality, no matter where a financial institution is on its digital transformation, Abe.ai offers a VFA solution to meet its needs.  Additional highlights of our VFA include: 

  • Our always-learning VFA creates a truly intuitive solution that provides operational efficiencies for financial institutions while simplifying consumers’ financial journeys. 
  • NLP and NLG technology power our Conversational AI to provide two-way conversations, not single line commands like those found in standard chatbots.     
  • Our advanced conversational capabilities allow more intricate conversations to be designed to manage more complex services/use cases.    
  • Our VFA can initiate proactive conversations based on insights and allow customers to take action on them in real-time without leaving the conversation.   
  • While standard chatbots deliver notifications and sometimes a single response, our VFA allows users to ask questions on an insight and dig deeper before deciding on which action to take.   
  • Easy to deploy and maintain, financial institutions can get to market with our VFA within weeks – not months or years.   

Click here to learn more and see it for yourself. If you like what you see, contact us for a no-obligation demo to experience the full capabilities of our VFA.