“Financial strength through financial empowerment leads to financial prosperity.” You can find this powerful statement on the website of Phoenix, Ariz. based Copper State Credit Union and it serves at the core of their vision to elevate the financial strength of Arizona families through every season of life. 

With the launch of their new AI-powered Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA), known as “Penny,” Copper State CU members can now conveniently get answers to frequently asked questions 24/7/365 and when needed, have a seamless transition to a live member service representative for further assistance.   

With “Penny,” visitors to Copper State CU’s website can get quick answers to common and frequently asked questions in natural conversation at any time. Copper State CU strives for a top notch member and user experience and this add-on can serve as a valuable tool to help members self-service while saving time. Just some of the questions that members can get quick answers to include: 

  • I forgot my password, how do I reset?  
  • How do I set up account alerts? 
  • Is there a limit on how much I can transfer? 

And when a member needs additional assistance and prefers to speak with a live member service representative, they are seamlessly transferred with context, eliminating the typical frustration of switching communications channels and again providing details regarding the request. This seamless virtual assistant-to-live agent handoff leads to greater member satisfaction and operational efficiency.  

“Our team of local financial experts value our member-families above all else, they are the true reason for our success.” says Henrietta Brown, Director of Digital Banking. “That’s why we strive to provide new, cutting-edge products and services to make it as easy, enjoyable and efficient for our members to use day in and day out. We truly believe Penny will help to do just that.” 

Copper State’s VFA leverages Abe.ai’s proprietary conversational technology that is powered by AI, machine learning and natural language processing. Our contextually aware VFAs are always learning thanks to a deep, experienced team of product specialists, engineers, machine learning experts, data scientists and more that are involved in training, enhancing and expanding our products to provide truly intuitive solutions.  

“We’ve really enjoyed working with the Copper State team and look forward to continuing to expand the capabilities of their new VFA,” states Rob Guilfoyle, Abe.ai’s Co-Founder.  

From checking to borrowing and saving, Copper State CU offers Arizonans a smarter way to bank. Their members have access to cutting-edge financial products and services while enjoying the benefit of a dedicated, local team ready to help them achieve their financial goals. For more on Copper State CU, visit copperstatecu.org or download their iOS and Android apps.