These are exciting times for our client (and friends) Banner Bank thanks to the recent launch of their new Virtual Financial Assistant. Their clients can now leverage the power of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SMS/text to manage their finances when they want, how they want and where they want.   

With the new Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA), Banner Bank’s clients can use these popular smart speaker devices, as well as SMS/text, to get answers to common questions and conduct a wide variety of financial tasks and transactions in natural conversation. This new capability is more convenient and can serve as a valuable tool to help clients securely self-service and manage their finances using devices they already use and rely on.  

It’s offering innovative solutions like this that helps Banner Bank remain one of the top banks in the markets they serve. In fact, they have been named by Forbes as one of the 100 Best Banks in America as well as One of the World’s Best Banks for several consecutive years. 

Just a few of the questions that clients can get quick answers to include: 

  • What is my account balance? 
  • What is Banner Bank’s routing number? 
  • List my most recent transactions 
  • Which Banner Bank branch is closest to me? 
  • Where is the nearest Banner Bank ATM? 
  • What is my loan balance? 

Banner Bank’s VFA leverages’s proprietary conversational technology that is powered by AI, machine learning and natural language processing. Our contextually aware VFAs are always learning thanks to a deep, experienced team of product specialists, engineers, machine learning experts, data scientists and more that are involved in training, enhancing and expanding our products to provide truly intuitive solutions.  

“It’s exciting that Banner Bank’s clients now have the opportunity to manage their finances via these channels and devices that are already such an integral part of the lives of so many people,” states Rob Guilfoyle,’s Co-Founder.  

Banner Bank was founded in 1890. With more than $16 billion in assets and locations throughout Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho, they understand their role in the economic ecosystem and take that responsibility seriously. In addition to being a source of capital to personal banking clients and businesses of all sizes, they place a high importance on contributing to the communities they serve. 

“To continue to serve our clients when and where they want to bank, it’s important to invest in technology that provides quick and easy access to their banking information and services,” said Cindy Purcell, Banner Bank Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy & Administration Officer. “The rapid adoption of conversational artificial intelligence services by consumers into their everyday lives led us to provide this capability to our clients by investing in our Virtual Financial Assistant.”  

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