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Banking UX Will Be Conversational

When demoing or discussing our Conversational AI solutions with prospective financial institution (FI) clients, one of the first questions we typically hear is “Can’t our customers already do these things with online banking or the mobile app?” The answer is of course, “most likely,” but it leads us to ask them the real question – “are they?”     While the pandemic has accelerated digital adoption, there is still room to grow usage of digital tools, especially for more advanced use cases.  Conversational AI shouldn’t […]


The Questions FIs Should Ask Themselves When Considering Conversational AI

A recent article by Finextra goes into great detail about why “Conversational Banking Is a Competitive Necessity in a Remote-Everything World.” This perspective is supported by research from Cornerstone Advisors stating that by the end of 2020, the number of mid-sized banks and credit unions that had deployed a chatbot had grown from four to […]


AI Will Be Bigger Than the Cloud – Here’s Why

Do you remember when “The Cloud” was new? Or, at least the first time you’d heard about it? I can’t tell you the exact first time I heard about the cloud, but I do remember the first time that I realized how important it was. Ginni Rometty is a hero of mine. She is tough […]


Why Now is the Right Time to Deploy Conversational AI in Digital Banking

Even before the onset of the recent pandemic, the transition to Digital Banking was well underway and documented. For financial institutions, having effective web and mobile banking platforms were no longer a “nice to have,” but a necessity. The recent environment has only further heightened the importance of managing finances thanks to the volatility of […]


The Path to Earning Millennial Business: Experience & Ease

Of late, there’s plenty of commentary and dialogue surrounding the habits, needs and desires of millennials. And as you very likely already know, they are a highly sought-after consumer for most industries, including financial services.  Disclosure: I’m sharing opinions in this post as both a financial services professional and as a member of the millennial […]