No man is an island, and neither are your finances. Here at Abe, we understand that money management can be difficult, especially when your finances are shared with a partner, spouse, or parent. So we asked ourselves, how can we bring Abe’s smart financial advice to people with shared finances?

Today, we’re excited to announce Sidekick, a brand new feature that lets you and your loved ones get on the same page with your money. With Sidekick, you can connect two Abe accounts for a complete picture of your shared financial life. No more surprise expenses and juggling multiple accounts. Sidekick helps you simplify your financial planning so you can stress less and focus on the important stuff.

Sidekick is currently in private beta for select Abe users. However, in the future we plan to integrate this feature into our white-label chatbot software so that banks and credit unions can offer this functionality to their customers, too. We’re excited to share this new feature with the world and continue our mission of helping people be better with money.

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