This week, Abe co-founder and CEO Rob Guilfoyle headed to New Orleans for PayThink 2016. Presented by PaymentsSource and American Banker, PayThink is the nation’s premier banking technology conference.

This year, over 700 attendees and 120 speakers gathered in New Orleans, Louisiana to discuss the latest trends in digital banking and payments, disruptive technologies, and growth strategies for the financial industry. Attendants included representatives from major banking institutions, including Bank of America, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Mastercard, and the Federal Reserve. Representatives from leading technology companies including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, were also in attendance. During the three-day event, over 130 speakers presented talks on EMV card compliance, faster and mobile payments, ATMs, and networks.

Rob presented a talk on real-time payments and the role of artificial intelligence software in expediting the payments process. In his talk, Rob emphasized that messaging platforms already operate in real time and how AI-powered chatbots can leverage these platforms to make instant payments a reality.

Check out Rob’s full talk below:

We’re thrilled to have been a part of the financial technology conversation at PayThink 2016. We look forward to future conferences with even more opportunities to share and learn about the financial applications of chatbot technology.

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