Abe AI and FAIRWINDS Credit Union Launch Virtual Advisor

Our latest partnership with FAIRWINDS Credit Union provides conversational artificial intelligence to help members with convenient access to credit union information and support. This is the first financial institution headquartered in Florida that is offering its members this innovative service.

The launch of the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor will give members a digital experience that is more convenient than ever before. Utilizing conversational AI members will gain access to a virtual assistant using some of the world’s fastest-growing voice and messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. In response to a simple question, the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor can provide FAIRWINDS members with a wealth of information to help them along their path to achieving financial freedom.

“We are proud to partner with Abe AI as we introduce the FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor to our members,” said Larry Tobin, president, and CEO of FAIRWINDS. “We are excited to stand at the forefront of the conversational AI movement to deliver a simplified and personalized experience to our members as they continue to expand their use of mobile and digital banking.”

The FAIRWINDS Virtual Advisor provides members with:

  • Basic support information, including branch locations, credit union contact information, and routing number
  • Guidance on services offered by FAIRWINDS, including mobile banking, loan payments, and direct deposit setup
  • Application support, walking members through the process of applying for new services, including car loans, credit cards, and mortgages
  • Educational support, explaining banking-related topics like refinancing, wire transfers, and retirement investments
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“At Abe AI, we are dedicated to promoting simplicity and convenience in the world of finance through cutting-edge technology,” said Rob Guilfoyle, CEO of Abe AI. “We are thrilled to partner with an institution such as FAIRWINDS, which shares our vision of a more streamlined path of communication between financial institutions and their members.”

Our goal is to provide credit unions with market-leading voice and messaging solutions following our “Crawl, Walk, Run” methodology that allows credit unions to experiment with popular voice-and-messaging interfaces then grow into more advanced capabilities over time. We help credit unions get to market quickly with products that reduce costs, increase engagement and, most importantly, support long-term financial wellness for their members.

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