Conversational Interfaces: The Next Big Opportunity in Digital Banking

Abe AI helps you intelligently support and engage customers on popular conversational interfaces.

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Abe AI deploys conversational chatbots to Google Home Abe AI deploys conversational chatbots to Amazon Alexa

The next generation of omnichannel banking.

Chatbot banking is the next digital enagement channel.

Consumers are rapidly adopting conversational interfaces, such as Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger.

While these conversational channels won’t replace your branches or app, they present a new opportunity for customer convenience, cost savings, and unprecedented reach.

We’ve helped banks and credit unions in the United States & abroad pioneer and bring to market new forms of conversational engagement.

Barclays Africa Group releases banking chatbot with Abe AI.
Mercantile Bank of Michigan releases banking chatbot with Abe AI.
“The overriding theme of driving financial health through these conversational interfaces was the foundation of our relationship.”

John Schulte, CIO of Mercantile Bank of Michigan

John Schulte, CIO of Mercantile Bank, Michigan USA

Conversational banking products.

With our conversation development platform, we’ve created a world-class suite of complementary products to support and engage your customers. Accelerate your road map, cut down development costs, and get to market fast.

Personal Financial Management

Extend the investment of your PFM solution to every voice & message platform.

  • Account Balances
  • Interest Rates
  • Investments
  • Loans
  • Goals
  • Budgets

Enhance your existing PFM offering and promote financial wellness by engaging customers on how to reach their financial goals and sending proactive notifications to shape spending habits.

Voice and messaging channels not only give you the reach of the platforms they are built on top of; they completely change the engagement model through contextual proactive messaging.

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Banking chatbots help with support requests on Facebook Messenger

Customer Support

Streamline the cost of servicing customers with a layer of artificial intelligence.

  • Lost Cards
  • Forgot Password
  • Branch Hours & Location
  • Account Opening
  • Account & Routing Number
  • Travel
  • Fraud Notifications

Respond to light touch support requests automatically and escalate complex requests faster, by adding a layer of conversational AI around your customer support teams.

Our core integrated platform gives your customers the ability to self-serve and your call-centers the ability to focus on re-engagement & high touch support cases.

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Banking chatbots help with support requests on Facebook Messenger

Rewards Optimization

Bring intelligent automation to your rewards program to increase participation.

  • Product Recommendations
  • Behavior Recommendations
  • Rewards Point Balance
  • Redemption
  • Enrollment

Rewards programs are meant to increase value for customers and facilitate profitability. Our rewards solution assesses all possible products & behaviors each user can take to optimize their participation. Finally, we proactively engage customers to take next best steps.

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Banking chatbots on Facebook Messenger

Support your omnichannel strategy with the incredible reach of
voice and message adoption.

Abe AI brings banking to Amazon Alexa

20+ Million Amazon Alexa's Sold

Voice activated devices give your bank the opportunity to deliver hands free convenient banking experiences.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how your bank can benefit from getting to market fast on popular conversational interfaces.

Top banks are using the Abe AI platform to transform their engagement model.

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