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Abe AI empowers banks to deliver world-class customer service, streamline operations, and drive profitable growth with Artificial Intelligence.

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Banker Abe

Enable customers to manage their personal finances with ease across multiple channels, including natural language voice conversations with a virtual banker.

Rewards Abe

Lift customers higher in the value chain by predicting activity and directing to valued partners.

Support Abe

Make digital the channel of choice for support requests and see real-time data for real-time issue resolution. Start scaling your customer service.

Meet The Platform

Use the platform to build custom, bank-integrated experiences.

Proprietary Machine Intelligence

Abe AI’s platform, Conversate, is a robust dialogue management suite backed by proprietary Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning models optimized for financial services.

Hybrid AI Models

One part conversational and one part financial, the Abe AI platform brings a hyper-contextual user experience to voice and messaging by utilizing account and transaction data.

Omni-channel Optimized

Integrated and optimized for nearly all voice and messaging platforms. Utilize those platform’s features to drive adoption and retention.

Bank Integrated

Create both push and pull based dialogue flows, connecting directly to Bank APIs with our SDK and API. Even push data to third party systems including leading CRM platforms.

On-Premise vs Cloud vs Hybrid

Hosting options for the Abe AI platform are simple. Host in the cloud, on-premise, or create a hybrid cloud.

Secure and Compliant

The Abe AI platform, Conversate, promotes compliance through change management and strict deployment processes. Conversate meets the strictest compliance and security requirements used in the financial services industry.

Meet The Algorithms

Use the algorithms powering Abe AI's predictive and prescriptive event engine.

Next Purchase Prediction

Accurately predict where your customers will spend their money and how much. Think of the marketing and rewards program insights.

Global Merchant Detection

Detect merchant and category information on a global level; any merchant, any country, with extreme accuracy.


Adaptive algorithms to detect exactly how much your customers can save while still meeting their ongoing financial obligations.

Overdraft Prediction

Identify in advance when a user will likely overdraft a debit account or reach the credit limit of a credit card account.

Cash Flow Prediction

Advanced and adaptive machine learning models intimately understand customer transactions to accurately predict cash flow.

Use one of the platform products or license the engine to create custom experiences.

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