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Get fast answers about your finances.

Abe is an honest bot who helps you navigate the stress of day-to-day cash management. Stay engaged with your finances, ask Abe.

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Avatar elizabeth
elizabeth 4:46 PM

Abe, how much cash do I have?

Avatar abe
abe BOT 4:46 PM

It looks like you have $1,214.67 in your cash accounts!

Avatar elizabeth
elizabeth 4:46 PM

How much can I afford to put towards my vacation?

Avatar abe
abe BOT 4:47 PM

Well, you’re on pace to save $175.00 this month. If you spend $25.00 less than normal this weekend, we could free up an even $200.00 without breaking the bank!

Avatar elizabeth
elizabeth 4:47 PM

That’s great! Thanks, Abe!

What are people saying?



Strategic Director at MedTech Momentum

Abe helped me discover my credit card company hiked up my interest rate. I had no idea my rate was increased, but Abe did!


Executive Director at Downtown South

I use Abe to check in and see what I can afford to spend at the beginning of each week. It's helped me keep my spending in check.


CEO of Remesh

Since Abe, I've stopped logging in to my bank. I get a simple financial update delivered through Slack at the start of each day.
  • Elizabeth: Abe, what can I afford to spend this weekend?

  • Abe: Elizabeth, you said we were going to save $175 in 30 days. You can spend ~$45 this weekend, and still hit your goal.

  • Elizabeth: Abe, how much did I spend last week?

  • Abe: Elizabeth, you spent ~$56 last week.

  • Elizabeth: Abe, when is my credit card payment due?

  • Abe: Elizabeth, your minimum payment of $87 is due on October 5th.

  • Elizabeth: Abe, how much credit do I have?

  • Abe: You have $8,738 in available credit across 2 credit cards.

Abeai uses direct messages only.

Is Abe private?

You can only talk to Abe through a direct message. In most cases, his responses to your money questions self-destruct a few minutes after they are sent.

Abe, in the future.

How secure is Abe?

We use bank-level security measures to protect your personal information and financial transactions. We will never store your password.

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