Is Your Bank Bot Ready?

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In today’s evolving financial industry, rapid innovation is the key to remaining competitive and profitable. But how can smaller financial institutions keep up with the fast pace of innovation?

In this webinar, Keith Armstrong will explain everything you need to know about banking chatbots, the latest innovation in consumer financial technology. Joined by a panel of industry experts, he’ll explain how artificially intelligent chatbots are empowering consumers to make smart financial decisions, while giving community banks and credit unions a competitive edge. Find out how your bank can leverage conversational software to improve customer engagement and grow your business.

  • How the digital banking industry is evolving and what you can do to keep up with it
  • What financial chatbots are and how they’re transforming the relationship between banks and their customers
  • How smaller banking institutions can innovate to compete with larger financial providers
  • The 5 strategic advantages a chatbot can give your bank

[Webinar] Five Reasons Your Bank Needs A Bot

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JP Nichols

Keith Armstrong

Ben is a product designer and software developer who is leading the conversation about chatbots and their applications. He has built several software products and companies, including Howdy, XOXCO, and Botkit, and co-created Talkabot, the premier chatbot conference.

Ben Brown

Featured Guests

Co-founder & CEO of Howdy

Managing Director of FinTech Forge

Keith is a consumer financial health advocate with over 10 years of experience in product marketing and microfinance. Co-founder and COO of Abe, he is passionate about helping everyday people be better with money.

JP is an internationally recognized banking innovation consultant working at the intersection of fintech, innovation, and financial services. Founder of the Bank Innovators Council and Chairman of Next Money, he is a leading authority on digital banking strategy, helping financial institutions benefit from smart fintech partnerships.

Co-founder and COO of Abe

(Source: The New York Times)

Head of Digital Banking, Bank of America

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“What will banking be in two, three or four years? It’s going to be this” 

What banking experts are saying about financial chatbots

"It's pretty clear the tech industry thinks this is the next big thing" 

Tom Poole

Michelle Moore

Managing VP of Digital, Capital One

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