Get started quickly in conversational banking with the bank integrated Abe AI products.

Use AI to engage, support, and transact through voice-and-messaging channels in ways that simply have not existed until now.

Proactive. Relevant. Convenient. Secure.

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Products securely designed to be engaging, supportive, and convenient

Abe AI conversational banking product suite

A core philosophy of Abe AI is moving fast but moving responsibly. The Abe AI product suite is broken up in a Crawl, Walk, Run approach to AI-powered banking. Your Organization can be as innovative as you'd like knowing that Abe AI has a road-map for you, no matter where you start.

Crawl: Knowledge & Support

Get started quickly supporting consumers in every voice-and-message channel.

The Knowledge & Support product is designed to get your financial institution in every voice-and-message channel overnight. With a low risk/compliance experience, you can start learning from your consumers while you navigate your AI road-map.

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Conversational Banking - Abe AI Knowledge Product
Conversational Banking - Abe AI Financial Management Product

Walk: Personal Financial Management

Extend the investment of your PFM solution to every voice & message platform.

Enhance your existing PFM offering and promote financial wellness by coaching consumers along as they reach their financial goals. Send proactive notifications to shape spending habits in real-time.

Voice and messaging channels not only give you the reach of the platforms they are built on top of; they completely change the engagement model through contextual proactive messaging.

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Run: Conversational Banking

All the functionality of online and mobile banking securely accessible through voice-and-messaging interfaces.

The Conversational Banking product gives your consumers the ability to transact and engage through all major voice-and-message interfaces like Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger.

Advanced identity management paired with highly available and secure connections to Core banking & Online Banking Providers, the Abe AI platform gives your consumers the convenience of any-channel transactions.

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Conversational Banking - Abe AI BBanking Product

Universal Features

Unique engagement features included in all products.

Human Handoff

Artificial intelligence won't replace the human element of your financial institution.

All Abe AI products come with the ability to hand off directly to a human agent to seamlessly engage consumers directly in their channel of convenience.

The APIs behind the Human Handoff are smart enough to know which channel the user is currently in and how to route to the appropriate CRM, social platform, or customer support portal.

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Banking chatbots on Facebook Messenger