The world's most comprehensive conversational AI platform.

Abe AI's full-stack conversational platform gives developers and content authors a powerful engine to create personalized AI-powered dialogue.

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Abe AI deploys conversational chatbots to Google Home

Conversate™ is a full-stack AI platform for financial services

The most mature enterprise AI platform on the market

The Abe AI platform, Conversate™, optimizes for two roles in the development cycle of conversational AI: the engineer and the creative copy-writer. With these advanced developer tools any financial institution can create robust AI engagements.

Proprietary NLP/NLU financially optimized

The multi-stage AI recognition engine allows Conversate™ to understand natural language … even emoji.

Innovation: The Abe AI NLP/NLU experts have spent the last few years digging into one problem: "How to create an incredible customer experience through AI in a retail banking ecosystem."

Conversational: Go beyond understand what phrases mean and start having a natural conversation with your financial institution, at scale, with AI-powered virtual assistants.

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Banking chatbots on Facebook Messenger
Banking chatbots help with support requests on Facebook Messenger

Intent Creation & Training

Simple intent training gives developers and content authors the ability to create & maintain intents with ease.

Simple Builder: Quickly build intents which map to the tasks or skills the AI can handle.

User Friendly: Simple training interfaces any content author can adjust as no knowledge of machine learning is required.

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Robust Developer Tools

Conversate creates a clear separation for developers and content authors.

Familiar Workflows: Get started quickly with developer workflows familiar to any engineer. They will be creating complex conversational banking interactions in no time...with your APIs.

Integration SDKs: Connecting to internal or external APIs has never been easier with the Conversate™ SDK.

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Banking chatbots help with support requests on Facebook Messenger
Quotes on the Abe AI Platform
Seeing the conversational capabilities of the Abe AI platform is incredible. Not all AIs are created equal and the Conversate™ platform gives any financial institution a serious competetive advantage.

Usama Fayed

Ex-CDO of Barclays & Yahoo

Channel Integrations

Conversate™ integrates directly with all major conversational channels.