AI in Banking Virtual Summit

Hosted by Abe AI on August 28th & 29th






The AI in Banking Virtual Summit is a free online event where you'll get the chance to hear from leading industry experts on how to successfully leverage AI technology.

The two-day event kicks off on Wednesday, August 28th and features valuable insights you won’t get anywhere else. At this year’s summit, you’ll get to learn how you can successfully leverage Artificial Intelligence technology. 

What is the Virtual Summit?

Featured Speakers

Jason Henrichs

Managing Director

FinTech Forge

Brad Leimer


Unconventional Ventures

Tiffani Montez

Senior Analyst

 Aite Group

Katy Gibson

VP of Product Applications 


Rob Guilfoyle

 Co-founder & CEO

Abe AI

And more to come!

If you're trying to figure out what "AI" really means, planning a proof of concept, or in the midst of a deployment, we have exclusive content that will support your AI journey. 

We encourage all Bank and Credit Union executives to attend, including CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CMOs, and others involved in any innovation or AI initiative. 

Who Should Attend?

Last Year's Speakers

Summit Tracks

Applied Intelligence: How Humans and AI Achieve More Together

Artificial Intelligence vs. Intelligent Automation

Popular AI Applications in Banking

Using AI to Boost Financial Health


Selecting an AI Partner

Defining an AI Strategy

Developing Capacity to Innovate with AI Technology

Recruiting Top AI Talent


AI Products are Always Changing

Improving Call Center Efficiency with Conversational AI

Building a Virtual Financial Assistant in 90 Minutes

Getting the Consumer Experience Right with AI


We’ve broken down the event into three tracks: Education, Capacity, and Execution. Each track offers viewers four sessions that will help guide them through their exploration of AI technology and implementation journey.

Past Attendees

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